insanity and facebook status comes a long way.

A year has passed and there are still things I wanted you to know.

and I wanted to understand.

Things may or may not work.

Love may come and it’ll eventually go.

Losing you feels like a drag at times. But it can be comforting, too.

Sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps my sanity intact.

Emotional as it may seems,

I realized I shouldn’t have apologized. That’s how I am.

It’s for the same reason that you were an a**hole,

I know you wouldn’t apologize. That’s how you are.

A year after, my aspirations haven’t changed one bit.

Once, I felt like giving it all up but even your facebook status can’t stop me.

You’re still the same. Sarcasm all over the place.

Pretending isn’t your strongest suit, I should know.

I can crush you like a tin can and all you’ll do is cry.

I’m not the emotional one. You are.

You were a total wreck.

When will I stop writing about you?

When will I stop feeding your ego?

When will it be too late?


~ by riotttgrrrl on December 19, 2009.

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